Special Tile Manufacture

RIDGE TILE EXTRUDERExisting special tile manufacturers wishing to modernize or expand their present facility are offered a selection from an extensive range of plant and machinery that can cater for special tile production ranging from 2 through to 40 tiles per minute.
This range of special tile machinery available includes:-
Tile Moulds, Manufacturing Benches, Mould Jigs, Extrusion Machines, Conveyor Systems, Slurry & Acrylic Coasting Machines, Racking & Packing Machines.
The process for manufacturing special trim tiles is similar to that for main tile production, albeit on a smaller scale. A concrete mix is used to form the tile on a mould which will cure overnight prior to separation.All special trim tiles can be produced in colours and finishes to match the main tiles being produced.
When submitting proposals for complete systems, we make recommendations as to the most suitable special tile manufacturing equipment required, taking account of the overall tile output.
Our special tile manufacturing equipment can range from the supply of a simple manually operated bench equipped with a small quantity of moulds, through to a fully automated tile extrusion machine.

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