Roof Tile Manufacture

The manufacturing process is simple with system from McCathy.

The concrete is first produced by a cement mixer.

It is then discharged into a tile extrusion machine manually or via a conveyor system.

The concrete is then extruded onto the top surface of  an   aluminium   pallet   that  is driven through the machine.

The pallet not only shapes the underside profile of the tile but also support the wet tile through the curing process.

The wet tile is automatically cut to length as it exits the extrusion machine. The freshly made tile is then colour coated with one or two colour manually or by colour applicator machines.

A clear coat of acrylic sealant is applied before the tile is placed into steel rack for curing. The tiles will remain in the racks overnight until they reach their required strength.

The next day, the dry tiles are conveyed to a depalleting machine which separates the tile from the aliminium pallet.

The pallets are re-used and tiles are stacked in the stockyard by a forklift truck or the like.

They are subsequently loaded onto trucks for delivery to buildling site.

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