An Excellent Business Opportunity

Concrete roof tile is an attractive product of high demand and a product which uses cheap and readily available raw material to produce. The manufacture of concrete roof tiles is hence an attractive and profitable business proposition.

Katz McCathy Pte Ltd designed, built and installed machinery to manufacture concrete roof tiles. The investor who purchases our system will have the advantage of a cost effective approach and a complete solution to manufacturing. Our machines are strong, practical and simple to operate.

The McCathy systems cater for all operation aspects of tile manufacturing from the input of raw materials, extrusion, colouring through to the storage of the finished tiles in the stockyard.

The investor can select a low cost start-up package with 1,000 tiles per shift or proceed directly to produce the desired quantity. Whichever the selection, the investor will maintain a profitable business with our approach.

McCathy group produces root tiles for the past thirty years. Besides making machinery, the company offers other services such as design, production, installation and commissioning of plant plus training off the customer’s personnel.

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